About Us

About Us

In 2016 a group of people with more than 100 years of experience combined, set out to solve important challenges in online advertising. First, for all the wonderful things that programmatic advertising brings, we perceive the problems with high cost and lack of transparency as unacceptable. Second of all, with all the changes happening to the use of data as a result of stricter privacy laws, new methods of targeting ads to users and context need to be introduced. 

We therefore established Adnuntius, first as an ad tech company delivering more flexibility in advertising to publishers. Then we established new products that provide alternatives to programmatic advertising through private marketplace software. To understand what we deliver to our customers, read more about our products

Our Leadership Team

Founder and Chairman

Co-Founder and CEO

Head of product

Head of Onboarding

Head of Infrastructure


Our Partners

We can’t do everything ourselves. And if there is something we need to provide and someone else has it sorted already, then we make friends with the best so that we can bring you the best.

The best and fastest device detection there is. As over 150 devices are launched every week, we need a partner that checks and updates services every day.

Gamma is an independent technology platform, providing programmatic advertising solutions to both advertisers and publishers across Southeast Asia.

Entrepreneurial business development experts with proven track records. They launch new technology into new markets, and their network of partners is built on long term relationships established from successful projects.

Provides global geolocation data and services that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online initiatives, from desktops to mobile devices.