Adnuntius Acquires Emediate ApS

December 14th 2017, it was announced that Adnuntius AS acquired 100% of the shares in Emediate ApS. Emediate holds the rights to and operates the advertising platform Cxense Display. Emediate ApS, which until this acquisition was part of Cxense ASA, is a Danish-based software company providing ad serving solutions to online publishers and advertisers.

For Adnuntius, Emediate represents an important step to strengthen its core operations, which is to provide leading publishers and marketers with digital end-to-end marketing services. Furthermore, this acquisition entails no material changes to you as a customer, and there will be no need for any operational changes from your side going forward. We have nevertheless answered below some practical questions you may have at the bottom of this post. Also, please feel free to reach out to CEO Stian Remaad at stian@ or phone +47 995 42 596 should you have any questions.

In addition to Cxense Display, we offer a completely new advertising platform for publishers. If you’re currently a Cxense Display customer and want to know what more we can do for you to grow your online advertising business, please reach out at any time to COO Jens Kaspersen at jens@ or phone +47 482 94 667, or just fill out the contact form anywhere on this site.

Read the Cxense stock exchange notification here.

Questions and Answers

Is my contract counterpart still Emediate ApS? Yes. Adnuntius acquires Emediate ApS in full, but your counterpart will still be Emediate ApS. One potential difference is your contact person for anything related to the contract – all enquiries may be directed at Jens Kaspersen at jens@

Do I still get invoices from Emediate ApS? Yes. No changes will happen to invoicing.

Which changes will be made to support/helpdesk? No changes will happen. Adnuntius has agreed to purchase support/helpdesk services from Cxense ASA, meaning that and will still be your support channels.

Who is my new account manager? Jens Kaspersen (jens@, who is located in Oslo, Norway, will be your new account manager. Please reach out to him for any enquiries.

Who will constitute the management of Emediate? Mikal Rohde (mikal@ will serve as board chairman, while Stian Remaad will take on the role as CEO.

Will Cxense Display keep on living? Cxense Display will continue to be in operation indefinitely.3 Likes