AdWeb (Greece) Chooses Adnuntius!

We happily announce that AdWeb (Greece) has chosen Adnuntius as a partner! AdWeb unifies technologies with premium Greek publishers to enable Advertisers to reach audiences in a safe and measurable massive inventory. AdWeb also controls PPN (The Premium Publishers Network), the leading premium programmatic marketplace in Greece, consisting of 110+ websites and 2 billion impressions monthly.

AdWeb will start by using the Adnuntius Buying Network to connect publishers and buyers in a more effective programmatic eco-system, and Adnuntius Self-Service to enable its publishing network to access revenue from small and medium-sized businesses.

Adnuntius Buying Network allows brands to buy impressions programmatically with their publishing partners, but with fewer intermediaries, 50% or less of the cost, and reduced fraud. Adnuntius Self-Service is a user-friendly application that lets you offer a scalable alternative to small business advertisers. Adnuntius Self-Service can be integrated with your current ad server.