Block Ad Blockers with Adnuntius

Take back the large portions of revenue currently lost because of ad blockers. With Adnuntius it’s your turn to make life hard for ad blockers, and without lots of cumbersome implementation. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Ad blockers Are a Big Problem

Depending on the market in which you operate, ad blockers are likely to take away a big portion of your revenue. Norway (in which I am sitting) is only “slightly” hurt by 25% of devices using ad blockers, while Greek publishers must be having a hard time with more than 40% of devices using ad blockers. What’s the penetration of ad blockers in your country? Pagefair has generated some really useful stats per country (2017 and 2020) and Statista gives away some key numbers per country too (see here). 

There is lots to say about why users installed ad blockers in the first place, and there are definitely legitimate reasons, such as virus/malware concerns and intrusive advertising. This is why we have also provided our customers with tools to avoid these risks and to provide better user experience. In this post however, we will focus on how publishers can diminish the damage of ad blocking. 

How Does it Work?

What we do is to enable you as a customer to use Adnuntius with your own domain. A common technique used by Ad blockers is to simply maintain a blacklist of third party domains, and block scripts from running or returning content from these domains. For instance; since the standard Adnuntius ad tag contains “” then we (and all other ad servers that operate this way) can be detected by ad blockers.  

Here is an example where we’ve used the (a different domain than as a demo. If you go to for example, you can see that all links have been relabelled to

Adnuntius can be configured to deliver advertisements using a sub-domain of your own domain. This means that no third-party domains are involved in serving ads on your pages, as both the content and the advertisements are delivered from the same parent domain.

And voila; all tags requesting content are under your domain, making ad blocking much harder. 

Never say Never

We don’t like overselling our products, so we also want to say that there are never any guarantees on avoiding ad blockers 100%; it is an evolving technology and there are still ways for ad blockers to work, although not on the same scale. But we have done what makes it the most difficult for ad blockers to work (and this makes us confident that we can recover lots of that revenue that is lost).

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