Boost Your Ad Impressions with a Refreshing Tweak

Boost the value you get out of your deeply engaging content with a refreshing tweak: refresh your ads. 

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Rather than showing the same ad for as long as a user is on a website, boost your impressions and revenue by refreshing your advertising space with a second, third or even a fourth ad displayed over time. Refreshing your ads means you can align your advertising revenue with editorial quality by monetising how long a user spends on any given page. 

Under ordinary circumstances, skimmed content is as valuable as deeply engaging content. By refreshing your ads, more engaging content means more advertising revenue, fuelling a virtuous circle of quality content converting to monetary value.

How You Can Refresh Your Ads with Adnuntius

You can refresh your ads on Adnuntius with a simple tweak. With a minor detail added to the standard ad request to the Adnuntius Advertising platform, a viewed ad can be refreshed after a set number of seconds.

This means the longer a user is engaged with your content, the more ads will be displayed to the user and so dwell time is monetised.

Customer Use Case

Adnuntius is rapidly growing its customer base. One such new friend is a European eCommerce business who saw an opportunity to capitalise on the new features at their disposal with Adnuntius by monetising the large disparity in dwell times between their pages.

This eCommerce business noticed that while most users went past the frontpage of the site quickly, they spent an average of 3.5 minutes on product pages. Very quickly and easily, they applied the tweak to enable ad refreshing, and just like that, a new ad is right now being delivered to their users every 60 seconds after the original ad comes into view.

A simple tweak and suddenly the customer’s sellable inventory on its most engaging content was expanded threefold!

Are you in a similar situation? Do you have particularly engaging content that could be more effectively monetised? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!