Børsen (DK) Goes Cookieless and Native with Adnuntius

We’re happy to announce that Dagbladet Børsen is live using the Adnuntius Ad Server to serve native ads and ads to consumers who opt out of being tracked on https://borsen.dk/. Børsen is Denmark’s leading financial news publisher, and sets the agenda for the country’s business community. 

See the ad starting with “Gourmetkok”? That’s an ad served using Adnuntius.

Native ads. Adnuntius provides a flexible way of creating new ad formats that can be booked as campaigns at scale. Native ads can be created using a so-called layout, which makes it easy for Børsen to adapt the ad design to its page styling. Børsen can this way offer its advertisers engaging formats while maintaining an effective workflow. 

Cookieless. Børsen also uses Adnuntius to serve ads to users who opt out of being tracked. Denmark has implemented strict rules giving consumers the right to not be identified with cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and Adnuntius can be used to serve ads even though no tracking mechanisms exist. Børsen can this way show ads to its consumers in a 100% privacy-friendly way. 

Do you want to know more about Adnuntius Ad Server? Have a look at our website, or reach out to stian@adnuntius.com any time.