Create Campaigns before Registering

This post is for customers using, or interested in trying out Adnuntius Self-Service, an easy, quick and affordable way for publishers to give advertisers, especially SMBs, the chance to register, and to create, pay for and manage their own campaigns.

With Adnuntius Self-Service you can now offer advertisers to start creating campaigns before asking them to register. This helps you increase the number of people completing a purchase as they can now start creating content before having to create an account. 

Have you ever been curious about a new and interesting service online, only to be slapped with a big fat demand to register before you even get a peak? Users are more likely to buy when they’re invested, and one way of getting them to invest is to invite them to start creating a campaign before they have to share their details. 

Now you can lead traffic either to the registration/login page, or to a page where they can start creating their campaigns right away without registering. Above is a quick screengrab of a test network demonstrating how it can be presented. Visitors are invited to try out campaign creation and informed that their details will be stored on their computer, so that they can create an account later and find their drafted campaign. Finally they can add payment details and complete their campaign booking as normal.

Just another feature to help you earn more money. If you want to know more, check out the video demo here or contact any time.