Do-It-Yourself Advertising

Let advertisers take control of their own advertising and drive monetisation through your digital offerings with ease.

With Adnuntius, you can allow sales partners and advertisers to log in, access their own inventory and create campaigns to deliver on your digital properties. You retain editorial control over the ads before they’re released into the wild, driving increased monetisation with minimal effort.

Access Small to Medium-Sized Businesses via DIY Advertising

Many publishers we talk to have expressed interest in accessing the large segment of small to medium-sized businesses. These SMEs can rarely afford an agency and don’t use demand-side platforms to access your site programmatically.

Reaching SMEs via salespeople can be difficult because the revenue per advertiser is much smaller compared to larger companies. Facebook and Google invest heavily in accessing the SME segment. But why let them have all the fun? 

How DIY Advertising is Done

We classify any advertiser who manages their own campaigns as self-service. As such, the first thing to do when setting up DIY advertising in your network is to create the appropriate roles with the right permissions.

A Self-Service Own Advertiser is suitable for smaller companies where one user will access their own campaigns. A Self-Service Team Advertiser is better suited to a company that may have multiple users accessing the same campaigns.

After the role is created, you can invite users who will have access to a simplified user interface where they can start creating campaigns. As administrator, you retain editorial control and only you can set a campaign’s priority or publish it.


Editorial Control and Quality Assurance

Once advertisers have created their campaigns, you can access them in your admin overview. If the campaigns violate your policies or just don’t meet your standards, you can contact the advertiser to provide feedback. Alternatively, if the campaigns meet your approval, you can publish them at your leisure and tweak settings as required.