Ensure Privacy Compliance (Consent) with Adnuntius

Let Adnuntius help you comply with privacy legislation such as the GDPR by offering your users transparency and control over user information. Not just for Adnuntius Advertising or Adnuntius Data, but for any system that collects information.

Since the GDPR took effect companies have interpreted the legislation differently: some require consumers to opt in; some assume opt-in by default but allow consumers to opt out; and then many believe that simply informing consumers about their information gathering should be enough. However, a relatively recent sentence passed by EU’s top court ruling strongly indicate that active consent will be needed for collecting user information, also when using cookies. In other words, consumers must ACTIVELY opt into being tracked before you are allowed to set any cookies (or collect other information for that matter). 

This is a wakeup call for many publishers who until now relied on “legitimate interest”. This is why we enable any company concerned about privacy to easily ensure that users get to consent before being tracked. 

  • Easily define and communicate purposes of data collection in multiple languages
  • Our solution works nicely with tag managers such as Google Tag Manager, which makes implementation a breeze. 
  • If you’re in the media industry and want to comply with the IAB framework, that’s all handled effortlessly too

We also know that many customers are concerned that they will lose valuable customer information by allowing users to reject the use of their data. However, we see from our statistics that most users, or 99.5% to be precise, still allow our customers to collect user information as long as it is handled in a responsible way.

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Bottom left corner: ensure that your users are empowered to make choices about being tracked. Bottom right corner: allow users to change their consent at will.

Easily define the purpose of collecting the data.

Design your consent box as opt-in or opt-out by default, define the IAB connection and more.