Get Ads Easily Into Your Emails/Newsletters

We make it easy to insert ads into emails/newsletters. With Adnuntius you can quickly, effortlessly and affordably create campaigns, manage reporting, and much more.

Why Ads in Emails?

Better paid. It’s no secret that programmatic advertising hasn’t done a lot of good for publishers’ revenue, and many experience only a small fraction of the per-view pricing that they charged for selling direcly. However, few if any publishers have made their newsletter placements available for programmatic buying (and for good technical reasons considering the difference between email ad units and on-page ad units), and many can still charge a premium for ads in newsletters. And rightfully so: while only you know the stats of your newsletters, our general findings suggest that email ads enjoy good attention and click rates. So if you are buying email ad placements, you’re not necessarily overpaying, but getting more value for more money. 

Better data. 3rd party cookies are crumbling, and whether you’re a publisher or marketer, getting your hands on 1st party (and likely higher quality) data is more important than ever. Users who accept newsletters are likely to have logged in or somehow provided their email address, and if you have requested more information while at it, chances are you are able to provide your advertising customers with better information about who your newsletter readers actually are. If you are novel to the process of getting hold of more user information, please check out Adnuntius Data can help you.

Creating Your Placements

Getting started is easy as Sunday morning. Not only do we carefully guide you; the whole setup process typically takes a few minutes until you have your ad placement ready to go. Just create an ad unit in Adnuntius, choose “Email” as the tag format, and we will get you the ad tag implementation ready:

Creating email-ready ad tags.

Once you’ve copied your ad tag, just paste it into your newsletter. The below example shows how this can be done using Mailchimp’s code block:

Example showing how ad tags can be implemented using Mailchimp’s code block.

Creating Campaigns and Automated Reporting

Once you’ve created your ad units you can quickly create campaigns with creatives filling the ad units you’ve implemented. Here you can also create reports containing the information you want to share, and automatically send them to any email recipients. This way you can leave to Adnuntius to ensure that salespeople, customers and/or other stakeholders get the information they need – automatically.

Finally, if you want to enable your customers to book their own campaigns too in order to automate the entire process, check out how we can help you with self-service advertising.

Get Started

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