Include Google in Programmatic Optimization

You can now use Adnuntius Advertising to automatically and dynamically learn how to set floor prices in Google Ad Manager, so that you at all times earn the most from Google’s inventory. Here is how it works.

First, we create for you a line item in Adnuntius Advertising, that sends ad requests to Google Ad Manager. You can use your own account, or you can access our account as part of our full service offering. When this is done Adnuntius will start requesting ads from Google at any priority of your choice (just use tiers to determine if Google ads should be served before, together with, or after other ads whether they are direct or programmatic ads).

Second, we pour some secret sauce into Google Ad Manager that ensures that we know when Google responds with an ad or not, and at which price. Our algorithm then adjusts the floor sent from Adnuntius Advertising based on the feedback from Google. Adnuntius Advertising then stabilizes the floor price at the point where fillrate meets eCPM, thus resulting in max revenue for the publisher.

Finally, in order to change with fluctuations in pricing, Adnuntius Advertising collects samples at higher and lower floors. This ensures that the floor price doesn’t miss out on price changes, but automatically updates with the market.

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