Manage Audio Campaigns with Adnuntius

You can now let Self-Service advertisers, agency clients using your Private Marketplace, or your own ad operations book audio ads for your digital radio channel or podcast. Here is how you can easily get started with audio ads.

1 Create a layout. Layouts allow you to support any look and feel to your creative, and to add any event tracking to an ad when it’s displayed. Now you can also use layouts to support audio ads. You can build your own layouts from scratch, or you can start with a layout example. For those of you who are already customers, here are two layout examples that you can enter now and activate. Once you activate any of them, they will immediately be available for campaign booking. 

An example of a VAST 2 audio layout.

2 Create an ad unit. An ad unit is a placement that can be used to request and place ads. When you’ve create an ad unit you can copy an ad tag, which can among other be a JavaScript or VAST URL. This means that you can paste an audio ad to work on a regular webpage or you can insert an audio ad before your radio program begins.

An example ad unit.

3 Create campaigns. When layouts and ad tags are in place you can start booking campaigns.

  • You can let your internal ad operations book audio campaigns; 
  • Or, you can also make them available to external buyers such as agencies or larger advertisers that are using your private marketplace
  • Or, you can also enable self-service advertisers to book them by registering, and creating and paying for campaigns on your own self-service portal.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Stian at any time.