Maximising Viewability to Drive Monetization

Advertisers don’t want to pay for ad impressions that are never seen. And who can blame them? Advertisers are demanding viewability, proof that their ad spend results in actual people seeing ads.

The IAB (International Advertising Bureau) defines an impression as being viewable when at least 50% of an ad’s area is visible on a browser’s viewport for over a second. Taking into account page load times, how quickly users bounce through pages and their quick scrolling, high viewability is not easy for even a banner ad to attain.

Programmatic advertising has been great for publishers, and client-side header bidding a tremendous improvement over waterfall. Nevertheless, programmatic advertising via client-side header bidding is still found wanting on the increasingly key metric to advertisers: viewability.

From request to response, an ad from client-side header bidding can take up to ten seconds to display. Factor in your page’s load time and you’re losing advertising dollars before you’ve even started. Not only that, SSPs often cannot measure ad viewability at all.

Compare that to running your own ad server. Every Adnuntius Advertising ad has viewability measured accurately and effectively straight out of the box, no configuration whatsoever required. Furthermore, Adnuntius Advertising can deliver an ad from browser request to browser render in less than 50 milliseconds. That means you can have an Adnuntius Advertising ad be counted as viewable in less time than it takes for a client-side header bidding to send out a request..

Time is money, and that’s never been more true online with the rise of viewability. Your precious banner space can’t have time wasted. Increasing ad viewability means delivering ads in the fastest possible way. And that’s Adnuntius Advertising — in less than 50 milliseconds.