Meet Marketplace Products

Do you want (other) buyers to be able to buy and manage advertising on their own inside your Adnuntius Network? Marketplace Products lets publishers, ad networks, resellers and content owners create products, and invite advertising clients to log in, create and operate their own campaigns based on these products.

Why Marketplace?

For all its advantages, programmatic advertising suffers serious cost and transparency problems: at least half of advertisers’ budgets disappear to other things than actual media spending, and 15% is completely lost in the ecosystem (which is a lot for a 130 billion USD industry!). Now that 3rd party cookies are about to disappear for good there is no data available to drive effective targeting at scale either.

Marketplace is an alternative to programmatic buying, providing buyers and sellers with an effective alternative where cost is low and transparency is 100%. With Marketplace your customers can log in to their own sub-account, and buy and manage their own campaigns.

How to Create a Product

If you’re already a customer, then it’s free and you already have access – just go here to start creating your new product! Before we show you how to create a product, here is what it will look like for an advertising client with access to four products, when they log in to buy. When creating a campaign they can choose between any of these.

Example of what a buyer may see.

Here is how you create a marketplace product:

  • From, click “new” in the upper right corner.
  • Give your product a name and description. These will be visible to advertisers, so this is where you explain in short what you are offering. Example product names could be “Native Ads: First Look” (highly prioritized image and text ads that align with your editorial content) or “Pre-roll videos” (video ads running before other content starts).
  • Minimum CPM specifies the minimum CPM bid that the marketplace advertiser has to pay when buying advertising through this product. They can bid more to get higher priority than other buyers purchasing the same product, but they can never pay less.
  • Default tier specifies in which tier the marketplace advertiser’s line items will be placed when they use this product. You can therefore decide which priority that the line items should have relative to other line items. This is where you can decide if a product should offer “first look”, or perhaps be a rest product once everything else is delivered.
  • Teams. A buyer will belong to a so-called “team”, and team selection lets you make a product available either to all buyers, or just some of them (read below how to create a team). If you for instance create a product exclusively for one buyer (perhaps because it is offered at a lower price), then you can ensure that this product is not available to everybody.
  • Layouts are the formats that you want to offer. If your product is called “Native Ads” then you should have one or more native ad layouts to offer; if you offer “Pre-roll videos” then you should have VAST layouts.
  • Mandatory targeting lets you pre-choose the targeting criteria that will be available when creating line items using this product. For example, if this product should offer location targeting only within Australia, then you can set that location targeting here. This means that all campaigns created with this product will always be targeted to Australia only.
  • Optional targeting types let you choose the options that advertisers can choose between when targeting their campaigns. If you for example allow for location targeting and site targeting, then marketplace advertisers will be able to choose between whatever locations and sites they want to.
The choices you make when creating a marketplace product.

Once you’ve created a product it will immediately be available to the selected buyers.

How to Invite Clients to Buy

The last thing you want to know is how to create a sub-account (called “teams) for a buyer, and how to invite users. Luckily we’ve created a detailed step by step guide of all tasks involved. And if your advertising clients need information on how to actually buy, here is a page that they can visit for a step by step checklist.

Are you not a customer but would like a demo of marketplace products and everything else we offer? Reach out any time to Stian Remaad at