NTM on the Ease of Implementation

Sweden’s third largest media group NTM started using Adnuntius for direct and programmatic advertising in the end of 2016, and has been an invaluable contributor to developing the product to solve real publishing challenges. 

Mikael “Micke” Lundin, digital ad operations manager at NTM, was asked to say something about the benefits of switching to Adnuntius. “Besides the system itself, one of the best things” he explains, “is the service that comes with the platform. Not only is the system super easy to integrate with our properties, but we also have great experiences with helping and capable people. Every time we have discovered something we would like to see working differently, Adnuntius has listened, understood the challenge, and developed solutions to the problems with record speed. As a result, we now have a system that works exactly the way we want it to”.

Adnuntius is created by people who all have years of experience with the media industry, both the marketer side and the publisher side. We also have a process in place to ensure that we adjust our platform to the needs of our customers. While Adnuntius is software-as-a-service, we also understand that every customer is unique, and that a one-size-fits-all approach needs to be supplemented by solving the needs of individual customers.