One Ad Tag, Any Ad, Any Time

At Adnuntius, we aim to make things easy, and publishing ad tags onto your pages is a pain. That’s why we designed Adnuntius to ensure that you only have to ever publish an ad tag once to deliver any ad, any time. What’s more: one ad tag capable of delivering any ad means more competition for the same placement, driving up yields.

Just post a single ad tag on your page and you can deliver:

  • A premium banner ad for all desktop users
  • A video ad to high-tech segment users
  • A programmatic ad delivered by client-side header bidding that beats the price of any of your local advertising inventory
  • A programmatic ad delivered by server-to-server (S2S) bidding
  • A collection of native ads to content-hungry segment users
  • An HTML5 ad from an advertiser paying a premium for 35% of your traffic
  • An interstitial ad to all first-time users
  • A parallax ad to your mobile users

All those ads compete on price for the same spot on your website. And as we know, the more you make ads compete on price against each other, the more you drive up your overall yield across your sites.

And right out of the box, with no configuration whatsoever, you’ll get a count of visible impressions and viewable impressions to ensure your ads are being seen. That’s in addition to a whole stack of stats collected and presented to you instantly.


Ads within Adnuntius are made from creatives backed by a layout that acts as a template. The combination of the layout and a creative’s details determine how the ad will look, feel and behave.

Layouts are driven by Handlebars templates, an industry standard for the design of web content. These Handlebars templates are evaluated along with the creative’s details in the Adnuntius server to form an ad. This means all Adnuntius ads are ready to go well before the browser or any ad tag need be involved, enabling all ads to compete for the same spot on your website.

Here’s what a typical layout looks like in Adnuntius:

And here’s how that layout is used in a creative to form an ad: