Adnuntius Marketplace

Lets buyers, publishers and ad networks provide their own private marketplace to create a more effective alternative to programmatic advertising. With Adnuntius Marketplace you can reduce technology costs by 80% and ensure 100% transparency in the value chain.

Adnuntius Self-Service

Gives publishers an easy, quick and affordable way to give advertisers, especially small businesses, the chance to register, and to create, pay for and manage their own campaigns. The portal carries your brand - we provide the technology that lets you quickly enter a new customer segment.

Adnuntius Data

Unify your 1st and 3rd party data and eliminate silos by creating one unified view of each user. Create segments with consistent user profiles. Activate your data in any system, including Marketplace, Self-Service and Ad Server.

Adnuntius Ad Server

A flexible platform that optimizes revenue across channels, takes back revenue from ad blockers, helps privacy concerned companies serve ads without tracking methods, supports new formats and report metrics at scale, and much more.

Adnuntius Programmatic

access all SSPs through one partner, ensure that the highest bidder always wins the impression, and keep track of performance across all SSPs.

Adnuntius Connect

A TCF2.0 compliant information and tag management system helping you manage privacy and consent by providing your visitors with transparency and control, manage header bidding, and more.