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Our years of industry experience have been channelled into the products we’ve developed and the services we offer.

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Adnuntius Advertising

Optimize revenue across direct, programmatic and new channels. Differentiate your digital ad products by combining creativity and scale.

Adnuntius Data

Unify your 1st and 3rd party data and eliminate silos. Create segments with consistent user profiles. Activate your data in any system.

Adnuntius Consent

Respect privacy by giving website visitors transparency and the power to choose whether to be tracked for your purposes.

Adnuntius Designer

Easily design great-looking banner ads and activate your material in Adnuntius Advertising or any other ad platform.

Adnuntius Programmatic

Access all SSPs through one partner, ensure that the highest bidder always wins the impression, and keep track of performance across all SSPs.

Adnuntius Native

Take control of content marketing with an ad manager that lets you implement in minutes, operate efficiently and track any performance metric.

Adnuntius Self-Service

A user-friendly application that allows you to offer a scalable alternative to small business advertisers. Can be integrated with your current ad server.

Adnuntius Buying Network

Allows you to sell impressions programmatically, but with fewer intermediaries, no hidden cost, and reduced risk of fraud.

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