Adnuntius Advertising

Adnuntius Advertising

Make the best impression with the fastest ad platform in the business.

Monetize your digital presence and deliver your own message out across digital channels all from the one platform.

Combine your own user data with our decision engine to ensure the right content goes to the right user at the right time.

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Supremely Fast Delivery

We deliver ads to your user's device faster than it takes hummingbird to flap its wings.

Real-Time Ads

Make a change: it's out in the wild instantly. Fast advertising at your fingertips

Any Ad Format, Any Time

Deliver any ad format to your page simply and effectively with a single set up.

Everything Viewable

Get viewable stats directly, straight out of the box and automatically.

Instant Reporting

Every impression, every click counted and up-to-date instantly. Report the numbers immediately to your customers.

Seamless Header Bidding

Yield across your SSP and local inventory seamlessly. Client-side and server-side header bidding straight out of the box, driving monetization easily.

Integrate your data management platform effortlessly to harness your user insights into better targeting, driving monetization through data.

Co-ordinate your digital marketing from the one place. Serve ads to your direct publishing partners, through Facebook, or via newsletters or text messages – all from the one spot.

Ensure compliance to privacy regulations with ease. Adnuntius keeps you compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy, enabling fine-grained control over what data can be used for advertising.

Optimize cross-channel revenue with the Adnuntius Decision Engine. The Decision Engine’s learning algorithms optimizes delivery between all advertising sources effortlessly.

Beat ad blockers with a server-side API connection to our ad server. Regain that 30% of lost monetization and maximize the reach of your advertising.

Build out your own tailored advertising solution with our supreme API-first platform. You name it: we have an API for that. Tailor a solution on leading tech at a fraction of the price.

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