Optimize cross-channel revenue, control user information, and differentiate your digital ad products by combining creativity and scale.

Connect, manage and grow programmatic and direct revenue in one unifying platform that lets all contenders compete for attention on price.

Add value to your direct advertising with new and rich formats that are fast to implement and simple to operate at scale.

Easily create any reporting metric important to you and your customers, and add as standard to any campaign report.

Easily collect contextual information, or use Adnuntius Data to automatically activate data in campaign targeting.

Make ad blocking hard; regain lost ad impressions by easily whitelabeling the Adnuntius ad server.

Serve ads completely without user tracking if you want to respect user privacy but still want to target by for instannce context.

More Money

Buyers can come from multiple and different sources of ad supply, and publishers need a platform that helps them make the most out of each channel. Adnuntius Advertising lets you:

1. Plug in your own SSP accounts or use our existing relations with all major SSPs. We also make sure that you can optimize the value of Google inventory.

2. Maximize revenue across both programmatic and direct sources to ensure that you get the most money from every ad impression.

3. Observe performance from each source to ensure that you always stay on top of the sources giving you the most value.

Creativity at Scale

Add value to your direct ad products and differentiate your product portfolio with new and richer formats that are fast to implement and simple to operate at scale. Adnuntius Advertising lets you:

1. Implement standard ad tags in seconds, and then serve any format, look and feel with no custom coding on-site.

2. Create any ad product (or let us help you to do so).

3. Operate those products in a scalable manner so that rich media sales can add revenue without adding to the workload.

Viewability and Beyond

Certain metrics are becoming crucial to secure customer value, create premium products, reduce fraud and more. Adnuntius Advertising lets you:

1. Measure viewability out of the box. No implementation work is needed.

2. Create any metrics based on events, time spent or value, and operationalize those metrics across your inventory.

3. Add smart tools to your inventory that ensures that you don’t just track performance but can improve that performance to increase revenue.

Activate your Data

Integrate your data effortlessly to harness your user insights into better targeting or use Adnuntius Data to start collecting customer data.

1. Activate whatever data source you currently use in Adnuntius Advertising to monetize your data.

2. Start collecting customer data with Adnuntius Data, our very own data platform. Any information collected is instantly available in Adnuntius Advertising.

3. Automatically collect and activate valuable information such as context (category, keywords and key values), device information, locations and more.

Everything Faster

Adnuntius Advertising is the fastest ad platform out there. And not just in one way:

1. Serve ads faster to your page. Users are impatient, and long load times can decrease viewability and overall traffic, so make sure that you don’t keep customers waiting.

2. Work in real-time. Don’t accept that you have to wait for minutes before a new campaign appears on your page. Just click save, refresh your page, make sure that everything looks good, and then move to your next task.

3. Read reports in real-time. When you change for instance lazy loading parameters you want to see the change it creates now, not in an hour or even worse, tomorrow.

Make Ad Blocking Hard

Ad blockers take away more and more revenue from publishers. With a server- side API connection to our ad server. Regain that lost monetization and maximize the reach of your advertising.