Create a more effective alternative to programmatic advertising. With Adnuntius Marketplace you can reduce technology costs by 80% and ensure 100% transparency in the value chain.

Reduce cost by 80% compared to regular programmatic advertising, and re-introduce 100% transparency.

Offer rich media formats to buyers, and build a next generation marketplace of engaging advertising.

Measure anything to better understand the performance of each campaign, not just by the usual standards.

Easilly implement with header bidding and more; publishers can keep their existing ad server; Marketplace works side by side with existing programmatic partners.

Use your own data, or connect to Adnuntius Data with a click of a button to create a next generation data marketplace alongside your ad offerings.

Everything faster! Faster ad delivery. Real-time publishing of new campaigns. Faster operations with automation of tasks.

Only 50% (or less) of ad spending goes to actual media buying, the rest goes to intermediaries. Marketplace lets buyers and sellers connect directly to create a cost effective, transparent and feature-rich ecosystem.

Read this report by ISBA (UK)

Viewability and Beyond

Certain metrics are crucial to secure customer value, create premium products, reduce fraud and more. Adnuntius Advertising lets you:

1. Measure viewability out of the box (no implementation work or extra cost).

2. Create any metrics based on events, time spent or value, and operationalize those metrics across your inventory.

3. Add smart tools to your inventory that ensures that you don’t just track performance but can improve that performance to increase revenue.

Activate your Data

Integrate your data effortlessly to harness your user insights into better targeting or use Adnuntius Data to start collecting customer data.

1. Activate whatever data source you currently use in Adnuntius Advertising to monetize your data.

2. Start collecting customer data with Adnuntius Data, our very own data platform. Any information collected is instantly available in Adnuntius Advertising.

3. Automatically activate information such as context (category, keywords and key values), device information, locations and more.

Everything Faster

Adnuntius Advertising is the fastest ad platform out there. And not just in one way:

1. Serve ads faster. Users are impatient, and long load times decrease viewability and overall traffic, so make sure that you don’t keep users waiting.

2. Work in real-time. Don’t accept that you have to wait for minutes before a new campaign appears on your page. Just click save, refresh your page, make sure that everything looks good, and then move to your next task.

3. Read reports in real-time. When you change for instance lazy loading parameters you want to see the change it creates now, not in an hour or even worse, tomorrow.