Adnuntius Consent

Respect privacy by giving website visitors transparency and the power to choose whether to be tracked for your purposes.

Adnuntius Consent in a Nutshell


We handle agreements with all major supply partners to ensure that all buyers get a chance to bid for your audience.


We do the administrative lifting for you to make sure that you can sit back and just receive payment.


Combine Adnuntius Programmatic with Adnuntius Advertising to secure automatic revenue maximisation.

Transparency and Choice

Clearly communicate your purposes of collecting user information, and let users choose whether or not to be tracked.

With Adnuntius Consent you can easily define purposes of data collection and let users control whether or not to be tracked.

Choose between opt-in and opt-out by default.

Combine Adnuntius Consent with your tag manager to piggyback on an existing structure.

IAB Compliant

If you are concerned that programmatic advertising revenues might drop if you are not securing consent, we have your back: consent can be shared with programmatic supply partners.