Unify your 1st and 3rd party data and eliminate silos. Create segments with consistent user profiles. Activate your data in any system, including Adnuntius Marketplace and Self-Service.

Capture any data, 1st party or 3rd party, online or offline; all in an instance. Examples include registration data (age, gender…), purchases and behavior (topics of interest).

Eliminate data silos; brigde identity gaps and consolidate devices and multiple systems into one unified view of each user.

Identify users across domains and build a privacy safe data ecosystem across media owners and marketers for the post-cooke internet era

Use Adnuntius Data in combination with Adnuntius Marketplace to create the next generation of automated advertising.

 Standardize data across multiple sources and create segments of users.

Monetize your data in Adnuntius Ad Server, Self-Service, or any other system to get return on investment.

Bring data partnerships to life by making it easy for partners to make their data available in a safe and compliant manner.

Own your data; we do not reuse or give anyone your data. But we enable you to connect your data without ever sharing it.

Ensure consent and make changes easy with Adnuntius Connect.

Capture, Unify and Standardize​

Capture any data you can get your hands on (1st party or 3rd party) instantly. Adnuntius Data makes all data available immediately after it is captured.

Eliminate data silos by unifying your data sources across sources and devices into one user profile. Silos create disconnected user experiences, so make sure you turn your data into great customer experiences.

Create structure by standardizing your data derived from multiple sources. Adnuntius Data helps you ensure that all data is conformed to a coherent structure.

Create Audiences

Create segments of users based on collected data. Segments can be created based on user profile data (age, gender and much more) and topics of interest. 

Adnuntius Data lets you create user journeys by adding or removing users in real-time from segments based on their actions.

Activate and Monetize

Monetize your data in Adnuntius Ad Server, Marketplace, Self-Service, or any other system. Once data is collected you can export consolidated user information to make sure that you get return on your investment. Data collected but not used is just waste!

Maintain Ownership

Adnuntius Data enables you to connect your data and create an ecosystem between publishers, marketers and any other player – without actually sharing the data. All data are stored in safe compartments and only connected when approved by you and consumers.