Adnuntius Data

Adnuntius Data

Get a unified view of your users across multiple customer touchpoints.

Create advertising-ready audience segments using consistent user profiles to drive monetization.

Define what data is important to you simply and export the insights into your advertising technology.

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Unify Your Data

Unify the data in your various analytics and data platforms into the one view. Break down the data silos and drive insights.

Speedy Segmentation

Drive instant audience segmentation through automated and event-driven categorisation. Instant segments for instant monetization.

Easy Export

Export your unified data and audience segments at the click of a button. Simple and seamless.

Get users ready for advertising by defining audiences based on common characteristics. Export them into Adnuntius Advertising for instant monetization.

Normalize your disparate data sources into the one platform that clarifies commonalities. Drive segmentation through clarification.

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