Adnuntius Demography

Adnuntius Demography

Increase the value of advertising with real, valuable and wide-reaching demographic insights about your users or customers.

Take advantage of Adnuntius Demography’s powerful enriched data to targets users by their purchasing power, car ownership, housing situation and more.

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Real Insights

Stop making wild guesses about your users - capitalise on our statistical insights. Real data, excellent quality, full-reach.

Valuable Data

Know your users' income, car ownership status, purchasing power and housing situation with high certainty.


We'll bring you information for almost any user request: Adnuntius Demography delivers insights for 97% of your audience

Connect to our statistical insights simply via our extensive APIs. Whether that be your CRM, DMP or Analytics service, connect easily with whatever you’re using. 

Safe, aggregated data standing behind deep statistical processes ensures nothing personally identifiable stands in the way of GDPR compliance or privacy legislation.

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