Adnuntius Designer

Easily design great-looking banner ads and activate your material in Adnuntius Advertising or any other ad platform.

Adnuntius Designer in a Nutshell

Any Component

Build your banners using components such as images, shapes, text, buttons and more, and quickly reuse designs with our asset library.

Animations and Timeline

Easily animate your banners and manage your timeline to make banners more noticeable.

Download at Right Size

Download your banners as html or gif files and activate them in any system. Ensure that all material keeps a proper size without losing functionality.


Translate texts to multiple languages automatically.

Activate with One Click

Activate banners in Adnuntius Advertising with the click of a button.

Manage the Process

Separate by roles (translator, designer and more) so that people can take part in the design process.

Any Component

Introduce text, images, buttons shapes and more to create the right design. Every asset used in one banner will be stored in our asset library so that you can easily re-use it later. The more you use Adnuntius Designer the quicker you get.

Animations and Timeline

The Adnuntius Designer timeline makes it easy to manage multiple animations at once. Create noticeable banners that capture users’ attention.


Download your banners as html or gif files and activate them in any system. What you design should be yours.

...To the Right Size

When you download banners, we ensure that your files are appropriately sized.