Access all SSPs through one partner, ensure that the highest bidder always wins the impression, and keep track of performance across all SSPs.

We handle agreements with all major supply partners to ensure that all buyers get a chance to bid for your audience.

We do the administrative lifting for you to make sure that you can sit back and just receive payment.

Combine Adnuntius Programmatic with Adnuntius Advertising to secure automatic revenue maximisation.

Access All Sources and Get Paid

Adnuntius Programmatic is a service where we give you access to all major SSPs to ensure that you get the most revenue out of programmatic advertising. We connect you to all sources, do the optimization work, and handle payments so that you can relate to one partner instead of many.

Automatic Optimisation

Adnuntius Advertising is a tool made for maximizing publisher revenue. That’s why you can easily use Adnuntius Advertising to automatically optimize revenue across your many channels.