An easy, quick and affordable way for publishers to give advertisers, especially SMBs, the chance to register, and to create, pay for and manage their own campaigns. The portal carries your brand – we provide the technology.

Let’s level the playing field. The SMB digital marketing spending is large and growing, but tech giants like Facebook and Google dominate the segment. Let’s change that.

Get your own brand in front of customers. Make the portal your own; we deliver the technology while you market your brand.

Self-service. Let advertisers create their own account, and to create, pay for and manage campaigns.

Control the offer by packaging ad products by price, formats, sizes, targeting and more.

Offer any format and design you wish, like display, native, video and much more.

Quickly control creatives as they are created by self-service advertisers to avoid illegal or unwanted content.

Your Brand Powered by Our Technology

We make it easy for you to offer your publishing brand to buyers; with Adnuntius Self-Service buyers can create their own accounts, create ads and pay online. We support the entire customer journey, you put your brand on it so that customers buy from you, nobody else. 

Your Product Portfolio

With Adnuntius Self-Service you can create a product portfolio controlling the price, targeting and any format you want to offer. 

Want to allow buyers create and buy native ads, display ads, or any other format? No problem; we make it all easy.


With self-service less is more. We bring you a powerful platform that let’s you create effective products and accurate measurement. But once created, they appear to buyers in a user-friendly interface that enables easy buying.

A-Z Workflow

We take care of the full workflow; from making traffic available through javascript or prebid, through campaign creation and payment, and all the way to making the ad appear on your site.