Adnuntius Self-Service

A user-friendly application that allows you to offer a scalable alternative to small business advertisers. Can be integrated with your current ad server.

Adnuntius Self-Service in a Nutshell

Ad Server Agnostic

Introduce self-service advertising on top of Adnuntius Advertising, Google Ad Manager or any other ad platform.


Keep barriers to entry low with a user-friendly interface that anyone can use.

Create any Ad Product

Offer advertisers to buy display banners, native ads, or any other product you want to market.

Enable Targeting

Let advertisers target campaigns to locations, device, sites or placements, content categories and much more.

Customize Design

Align the self-service portal with your own design guidelines to make it your own.

Let Advertisers Pay Online

Make sure that all parts of the self-service advertiser journey is smooth; also payments.

Customize Design and Create Products

Add your logo and colors to align the self-service portal with your own design guidelines.

Create products based on formats (native, display and more…), sizes and placements, so that choosing them becomes easy.

User Friendly

Enable advertisers to easily manage their campaigns.

Self-service Booking

Enable advertisers to create campaigns, by choosing products, targeting and more, and to pay with their credit cards.