Programmatic Just Got Full Service

You can now use Adnuntius to access all programmatic supply sources through one partner no matter your size, ensure that the highest bidder always wins the ad impression, and keep track of performance across all supply sources.

More and more publishers are using header bidding, and for good reason: we see that revenue consistently grows after publishers implement header bidding and allow multiple supply sources to compete for ad impressions in real-time. However, many publishers (especially smaller ones) don’t have the bandwidth to manage agreements with multiple supply side partners and optimize for performance. 

Adnuntius now offers end-to-end services for programmatic advertising: 

  1. We’ve already offered header bidding for quite some time, allowing you to connect to multiple SSPs and optimize for revenue between them in real-time. 
  2. We now also offer the access to all these SSPs through one agreement with us. We also manage the implementation for you if you prefer that we take charge. 
  3. Last but not least you can read the performance from all supply sources directly in Adnuntius Advertising (see screenshot below). 

Interested in hearing more? Feel free to reach out to for more information and if you like what you see, a good offer.