Real-Time Changes Everything’s Digital Ops Manager Explains How Real-Time Ads Increases Efficiency, Decreases Stress and Removes Errors is Norway’s leading news site for anyone working with media, marketing, advertising, PR and communication. They have started using Adnuntius for direct and programmatic advertising, and has been a valuable contributor to developing the product to solve real publishing challenges. One of the key benefits of using Adnuntius? Real-time.

Lukasz Kobylski, digital ad operations manager at Kampanje, was asked to say something about the benefits of using the Adnuntius platform. “One of the best things about the system” he explains, “is that everything happens in the very same moment as you push the button to publish an ad. Waiting for changes to go live can be a frustrating time, especially when the advertiser is keen to see a new creative launch. Now we just click a button, go to our site and refresh the page, and there it is”.’s former system required about 15 minutes for a change to go live. While it may not sound like a lot, the advantages of real-time become apparent when trying it. “When you have to wait 15 minutes before verifying that a campaign behaves correctly and sharing the info with a buyer, you can’t just sit around and wait; you have to switch to other tasks before going back. Not only does this increase the chances of making errors by forgetting details, it also increases the chance of any error being shown to consumers. Because sometimes the indexing time takes longer and sometimes shorter, and with our traffic a few minutes means thousands of potentially erroneous ad impressions.” Kobylski explains. 

With Adnuntius this chance of errors is eliminated. Despite rapidly increasing traffic loads our unique architecture allows us to maintain real-time adserving. This means that publishers can offer improved customer service to buyers through quicker response time and reduced errors, and a better workday for traffickers. 

Oh, and our alerts about any changes to the system are real-time too, so that if anything happens, you will know it at once!