We're Hiring Software Developers in Melbourne, Australia!

Are you the kind of software developer who gets excited about your code going from design to development to production all on the same day? 

Do you like zooming out to consider the broader implications of your technological choices upon the business? 

Do you like to make the case for design and implementation choices while taking into account that compromises must sometimes be made to get things delivered? 

If you have been nodding along in agreement with the above questions, then we would love to chat with you about career opportunities with Adnuntius!

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This is a stock photo that in no way represents the demographics or social distancing practices of our current workplace.

Position: Well-Rounded Back-End Software Engineer

We’re looking to hire a back-end developer with wide-ranging experience to help us build Adnuntius Advertising — an advertising management and delivery system that serves customers the world over and handles billions of requests each month. Our system is primarily built using Java and deployed to bare-metal servers running in multiple data centres distributed around the globe and accessed by our customers via Angular interfaces. See the table below for a summary of technologies currently used in the platform.

We need someone who is self-­directed, can receive general guidance about what needs to be done and take responsibility over making it happen. Our team structure is almost completely flat — we are all developers, with no team or dev leads; no project managers or business analysts; and no architects. Each developer is responsible for figuring out how their work fits into the overall software system and whether it meets the business requirements.

Current Tech Stack

  • Java for application development
  • Kafka for messaging
  • PostgreSQL for relational databases
  • Python for quick tooling, scripting and testing
  • AngularJS, Angular and React for user interfaces
  • Elastic for search
  • Gradle for build scripts
  • Guice for dependency injection
  • Consul for configuration management and service discovery
  • Prometheus for gathering, storing and alerting upon application metrics
  • Grafana for monitoring and visualisation of system performance
  • HAProxy for load balancing
  • Nginx for web serving and reverse proxying
  • Ansible for automating machine management and deployments
  • Linux for development and hosting
  • Git for version control
  • GitLab for continuous integration and code review

Ideally, we are looking for candidates that have strong recent experience with some of the items listed in our current tech stack. However, we are a small adaptable team without any super-strong allegiance to specific technologies, so we welcome new ideas and approaches from people with different experience or expertise.

We believe that the best technology choices provide the right balance between the competing aims of minimising hosting costs, accelerating development time, and reducing the effort required for system maintenance and support. We are always on the lookout for new ideas that can help us in this goal, so if you have relevant experience and recommendations then we would love to hear from you.

General Perks of Working with Adnuntius

  • 5 weeks of annual leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Opportunity to work from home (even after any lockdown restrictions are lifted!)
  • Ability to salary sacrifice one laptop and phone each year
  • No standard development machine:
    • we will supply you with a machine, but you can also work from your own machine if you prefer
    • you can install your Linux-based or Mac OS of choice and manage your own machine

Areas We Can Improve Upon

  • No in-house barista, although unlimited do-it-yourself coffee is available
  • Beer is not provided from Monday to Thursday (inclusive)
  • We have Santa hats but no ping-pong table

If you have made it this far, and are interested in learning more, then please drop us a line at

You can find more information about how Adnuntius approaches software development in this Medium article.