We place a premium on making our products and services easy to use. 

We also understand that no matter how easy advanced products are to use, documentation is necessary to explain all the options available.

So go ahead and explore our educational material below.

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Our general documentation for all our products is at

For all the technical details of our APIs, that’s available at


We’ve done a bunch of educational sessions with our customers that we’ve recorded.

Have a watch, or let us know if you’d like to have your own educational session with us.

Inventory Session

This video is intended for ad operations staff, product owners and developers. You will learn about earnings accounts, sites, site groups and ad units. 

You will also learn about how to take advantage of features such as automated reporting, diagnostics and making your inventory targeting-ready with labels and more. 

Advertising Session

If you’ve watched the inventory session, this is a great next step. It is intended for ad operations staff, product owners and developers. 

Here you will learn how to create advertisers, orders, line items and creatives. Also, how to apply campaign targeting, how to run diagnostics and how to set up and automate reporting.

Admin Session

This video teaches you about the main concepts of the admin section. It is intended for ad operations staff, product owners and developers. 

The session including how to set up users, teams and roles, custom events, reference data, tiers, and integrations to data and programmatic partners.

Developer Session

This class is intended for developers and is about understanding our APIs for the advertising platform and DMP. We will also introduce you to layouts, which a great way of introducing new ad formats and advanced features to creatives.

DMP and Workspaces

This session teaches you how to create segments using the Cxense DMP and how to set up workspaces. 

We will also introduce you to a set of use cases and examples. The session is intended for anyone using Cxense Analytics or Cxense DMP.

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