Roles for Common Audience Pools

You may have read about how Adnuntius Data enables buyers to re-introduce re-targeting using common audiences (developed since 3rd party data is disappearing). But that’s not all: we also ensure that you as a buyer have access to any data you share with publishing partners, all inside the same system.

Why does That Matter?

The crumble of the third party cookie has a couple of implications for an advertising buyer; (1) data will only be useful if it is sent to and stored at the publisher’s end, or put differently, that it can be considered first party data at the publisher’s domain; and (2) that sharing process cannot happen just once across publishing partners the way it could with third party cookies, but for every domain separately. Sound impractical? Well, a bit, but consider this: if data is still valuable in marketing then it is worth an effort; and since we make it into a one-time job it’s not really that hard.

On at a Time

Let’s first look at how you as a buyer can get access to your own data for a single publisher using Adnuntius: Adnuntius Data (and Adnuntius Advertising for that matter) has a folder-based structure that allows any data collected by a publisher to be visible to a defined set of users depending on which folders they have access to.

This means that if you share data with a publisher (see common audience) and get segments created, you can also get access to these triggers and segments, and thus keep track of what you send at any time, the amount of users that match your segment criteria and so on.

Parties of Two or More

Now you may say: “that’s all fine, but I have multiple publishing partners and I need to manage all of them”. Then we say: “no problem”.

As a single user you can have access to any number of accounts (publishers) using the same login. Switching from one account to another is easy like Sunday morning, which means that you can, based on agreements with your trusted publishing partners, get access to any number of publishers, all inside the same system.

Don’t Be a Stranger

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