Self-Service Advertising for Smaller Businesses

Now any publisher can open a channel for advertisers to create their own campaigns. And it won’t take much time either.

Why Self-Service?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming an increasingly important advertising revenue source. They represent 90% of companies out there globally, but they’re still a minority if you consider their share of total digital ad spending globally.

This is changing however, as more SMBs are increasing their ad spending. Why this is happening in the first place may be because more SMBs have discovered the possibilities of low-risk micro-spending, and perhaps large platforms such as Facebook and Google are educating more people on how to buy ads themselves. In any case, there’s a big market out there!

However, we also see that large platforms like Facebook and Google are getting most of the money. With Self-Service we want to level the playing field by making self-service technology available to anyone.

User-Friendly Workflow under Your Control

With Self-Service advertisers can create their own account, and log in to manage their own campaigns. They can create campaigns, upload creative material and leave their credit card details for automated payments.

You can on your end determine what products (as defined by ad units, formats, targeting criteria, sizes, pricing and much more) should be made available to buyers. You can also ensure that no illegal or unwanted content makes it way to your properties through a short quality assurance step.

Display, Native, and Anything Else

As part of the product design process you can determine what self-service advertisers should be allowed to buy. There are few limitations: you can offer display ads, native ads where you can ensure that the design of all ads fit nicely with your site, search ads where search terms can be bundled together, and even obituaries.

Easy Set-Up

Here’s the best part – if you’re using our ad server you’re almost ready to go! You just need to define some products and to provide us with some material so that we can set up your very own self-service login portal under your name and domain.

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