Self-Service Product Filtering

Now you can create fully customized products adapted to every niche of advertiser you want to serve. With Product Selection Options you can create hundreds of products, but still maintain a user friendly menu for your buyers.

Create any number of Product Selection Options.

This feature started with a customer conversation, where they wanted to be able to make it as easy as possible for an advertiser to book a campaign. “The hairdresser on the corner” they said, “with little experience with ad buying should be able to use our interface. Challenge accepted.

Products were already there to help creating offerings that are easy for advertisers to choose from: products lets a publisher package formats, targeting criteria, pricing and priority, so that a campaign can be bought with the click of a button. But a publisher serves many segments of advertisers, and if products are to be created for all of them it would become impossible for anyone to find their way when booking their campaigns. Enter filters.

Once product selection options are created, advertisers can use them to identify the products perfect for them.

Now a publisher can create a filter that seeks out the relevant products. Back to the hairdresser problem: our customer can now create a filter called for instance “line of business” and determine which products are relevant for each choice that an advertiser makes. If the hairdresser chooses his/her line of business the system does the work of finding the perfect product for them.

Just another feature designed to make the barrier to buying campaigns with our publishing partners as low as possible.