Storebrand Chooses Adnuntius

We happily announce that Storebrand (Norway) has chosen Adnuntius as a partner! Storebrand is one of Norway’s largest banking and insurance companies, offering a range of services such as life insurance, casualty insurance and asset management to consumers, corporations and the public sector. Storebrand was in 2017 named the world’s second most environmentally sustainable company and also the world’s most environmentally sustainable insurance company in 2020.

Storebrand uses Adnuntius Consent to offer website visitors transparency and control over user information. With this tool, users can see why the user’s information is gathered and easily choose whether to consent to (or reject) what user information is used where.

According to Jon Andre Sæther, who manages media strategy and investments, Storebrand chose Adnuntius Consent because it covers the need for consumer transparency and control while making the user experience seamless and maintaining the high speed of the website.