The Adnuntius Buying Network is Here

The Adnuntius Buying Network (ABN) allows advertising buyers and publishers to connect directly and perform automated ad purchases in a private marketplace. With ABN marketers can reduce programmatic advertising cost by 50% or more, publishers can reduce programmatic advertising cost by 80%, both parties reduce the risk of fraud, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of real-time advertising and reporting. It is a demand-side platform (DSP) and a supply-side platform (SSP), all in one.

Why did we build ABN? Because we see great benefits for both buyer and seller connecting closer together than what we currently see as normal in programmatic advertising. But more specifically we see two challenges that we wanted to do something about; the cost of programmatic advertising, and fraud.

The True Cost of Programmatic

Many have read about how The Guardian purchased their own inventory programmatically to see how much money they’d receive as a publisher in the other end. For every dollar spent, they received barely over 30 cents. As Chief revenue officer Hamish Nicklin pointed out, “there are so many different players taking a little cut here, a little cut there – and sometimes a very big cut. A lot of the money that [advertisers] think they are giving to premium publishers is not actually getting to us.” It all sounds extreme, but from talking to numerous publishers who have repeated the experiment they all confirm this. 

But this doesn’t just harm publishers; advertisers’ spending is the only source of income for all technology players along the entire programmatic ecosystem. So in one perspective advertisers are paying for the entire technology stack. ABN removes not just 50% off from the price tag for marketers; publishers reduce cost of technology by as much as 80%!

How money disappears on its way from advertiser to publisher (source: Adpushup)

Programmatic advertising resembles a stock exchange where sellers (publishers) put their audience up for sale, and if the buyer’s (advertiser’s) bid wins the auction they get the ad impression. If we asked you to buy stocks from our exchange under the condition that half of your money would be the cost of transfer, would you do it? And oh, don’t forget that 15% more of your money will disappear in fraud.

Fraud continues to be a headache

Digital ad fraud is said to be worse than ever, and while initiatives like ads.txt have helped reduce domain spoofing and reselling of unauthorized inventory, there’s a long way to go. In fact, ads.txt itself has become a conduit for fraud as the 404 Bot reads all the ads.txt files, steals the ad units and then pretends to be those sites through sending fake domains. According to eMarketer the fraud rate was at 15% for sites using ads.txt in Q4 2018(18.5% for those not using ads.txt), and rising. Considering the growth trend, the fraud rate now is probably higher.

How ABN is Different

ABN allows buyers to connect directly to publishing partners using header bidding (prebid) to reduce costly intermediaries, and to reduce the chance of fraud. ABN removes not just 50% off from the price tag for marketers; publishers reduce cost of technology by as much as 80% as fewer (costly) intermediaries are needed in the total value chain of getting an ad from a buyer to a publisher. 

While a traditional DSP connects to an SSP which then connects to a publisher (most commonly through an ad server), ABN is designed to connect directly to the publisher’s site using prebid. This does mean a one time setup job to make trading happen. But consider this; most of programmatic advertising today is done using deal IDs with some priority setting (one of the reasons being that marketers can use their own data), which also requires a setup job. If we can slice your tech cost in half, why not just change the job to be done? We offer technology to marketers that want to apply technology when establishing long-term beneficial cooperation with publishing partners.

Once you’re connected, buyers can:

  • Run campaigns with objectives such as impressions, viewable impressions, clicks, conversions and more. 
  • Control and change your bids, and run forecasts to estimate what impressions, clicks and viewable impressions your campaign is likely to get. 
  • Target campaigns to domains, placements, devices, geolocations, contextual categories and more. 
  • Serve display ads, native ads (image and text), html ads and more. 
  • Get granular real-time reports on impressions, clicks, viewability, conversions and more. 
  • Download raw data enabling you to perform business intelligence analyses using BI or analytics tools of your preference. 
  • …And do much more.

As a publisher, you can set up your inventory (sites and ad units), control floor pricing, enjoy real-time and automated reporting, and much more.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Whether you’re a marketer or a publisher, as long as you find this an interesting product to talk about, reach out any time to