Want Ads to Pay for Free Wi-Fi?

Whether you’re running a restaurant, bus line, train line or airport, your customers probably love access to free Wi-Fi. But you also have a budget to stick to, so how about creating a handshake between your customers who are willing to see one or a few ads in return for free Wi-Fi, and advertisers who are willing to pay to put their products and services in front of them? Adnuntius helps you by enabling you to create, show and manage those ads.

Your Service, Your Choice

Want customers to see one ad or more? Want them to watch a video for x seconds before they can skip? It is all under your control, but we can support a multitude of use cases. We also provide you with the user interface to book campaigns, handle reporting and payments, and managing the products that you want to offer.

Allow users to connect, show them one or more ads (optionally for x seconds) and then let them enjoy free Wi-Fi.

No Salespeople? Self-Service!

Your next challenge may be that you have no sales force capable of selling your inventory to potential advertisers. Chances are that we can connect you to sales organizations in your market to help you, but you can also simplify the whole process by connecting your inventory to Adnuntius Self-Service, your branded interface that allows buyers to create, manage and pay for their own campaigns.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Do you want to know more, or are you ready to get started? Reach out to stian@adnuntius.com any time and we will help you out.