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Adnuntius Advertising

Monetisation and marketing together in the world's fastest and most flexible advertising platform.

Adnuntius Data

Unify your customer data, create segments with consistent user profiles, secure consent and activate insights from your audience

Adnuntius Native

Tailor our products into a white-labelled solution that matches your use case. Make bespoke tech at a fraction of the price

Adnuntius Demography

Harness demographic insights to better target your users by their income, housing situation and more.

Adnuntius Consulting

Capitalize on our deep industry experience and unlock the capabilities that advertising technology can deliver

The Adnuntius Way

Adnuntius delivers impressions, monetisation, customization, joy


Monetise with a unified platform that covers advertising, consent management, customer data and campaign optimisation


Identify and engage your audience at scale across a variety of marketing channels all from the one package


Harness the decision engine at the heart of our technology to tailor the most relevant offers and content to your customers


“Besides the system itself, one of the best things is the service that comes with the platform. Not only is the system super easy to integrate with for our properties, but we also have had great experiences with helping and capable people.”
Dennis Wall
Technical department manager at NTM
 “One of the best things about the system is that everything happens as soon as you push the button to publish an ad. Waiting for changes to go live can be frustrating, especially when the advertiser wants to see a new creative launch. Now we just click a button, refresh the page, and there it is”
Lukasz Kobylski
Digital Ad Operations Manager for

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